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Saturday, September 10th, 2005
12:11 pm

Pretty cool.  Here's something that I wrote... 


  Oliver yanked a dandelion out of the soil and ran over to Maple, who was standing at the top of the hill, waiting for him.  “It’s the only one left,” Oliver said as he handed the flower to the beautiful, Asian girl.  Recess was almost over, so the fourth graders had to hurry.  Maple took the dandelion and ran to the side of the building, where Katrina was.

  “It’s the only one left,” she explained.  She gave the dandelion to Katrina and watched with delight as it was chopped up into bits and thrown into a large hole.

  Katrina stirred it into a mix of other decomposed flowers, some grass, water, woodchips, and leftovers from Oliver’s and Maple’s lunch.  “Did Olive get this, or didjou get it?” Katrina asked, eyeing Maple cautiously. (Olive was what everyone called Oliver.)  She found it hard to trust her.

  “Olive,” was Maple’s simple answer.  She then ran away.

  Katrina was the only one in the group that wasn’t Asian.  She was very devoted to the project, ant the project was devoted to bugs.  She didn’t have many friends other than Olive and Maple.  The two that she did have were good enough in her opinion.  One of them, Amy, came.

  “Whatcha doin’?” she asked.

  “Nothin’,” Katrina answered, “Why?”

  “Well,” Amy replied, “If you’re not doing anything special, I think you might wanna look at this.”

   “Sure,” Katrina said, “Why not?” Katrina followed Amy down the hill and to the field.  A person was trying to stretch a baby worm!  Katrina saw who was doing it, too.  It was Beck.

  “If you don’t take the worm,” he was saying to Olive, “I’ll break it in half!”  Katrina pushed him away and grabbed the worm.  This wasn’t the first time that he had done this.  Beck was always trying to annoy her.  Katrina saw that huge grin on his face, and if there was one thing that she hated, it was him.  The second most important reason that she was put on the Earth, in her opinion, was to annoy Beck like he did to her.

  “From this day on,” she told Beck, “We’re worst enemies!”

  “I thought we already were worst enemies,” Beck replied to Katrina, still grinning.  He always did stuff like that.

  “Oh yeah?” Katrina challenged, “Well you’re stupid!”

  “You’re the one who keeps repeating stuff!” Beck shot back.  Yes, he was still grinning.

  “So you’re really smart enough to remember?” Katrina asked, “I just wanted to remind you.”  Katrina took the worm and walked up the hill.  When she got back, Maple was there, covering for her.

  “Here,” Katrina said, handing Maple the worm.

  “Eww!” she shouted, “I’m not touchin’ that thing!”

  “Do you want me to report you to Olive?” Katrina threatened.

  “No,” Maple replied quietly, reaching out her hand to take the worm.  She put it in the hole and resumed stirring the decomposed remains of her lunch from last week.  Olive walked over and watched with Katrina. 

   After a few minutes, the recess teacher blew the whistle and all the fourth graders lined up by class.  Unfortunately for them, Beck and Katrina were in the same class.  They did their best to stay away from each other.  Well, Katrina thought, At least Amy and Kella are in my class.  The lines started to move.  The quieter ones went first, and then the loud ones.  Their class was last.  Again.

  “Katrina,” Kella said, “I think you’re taking this bug thing too seriously.”

  “No I’m not!” was Katrina’s annoyed reply.

  “Yes you are!” a voice behind them shouted.  They turned around.  Beck.  He was taking Kella's side not just because he hated Katrina, but because they were friends.  That was the most annoying part of being friends with someone popular.  They were probably going to be friends with your enemy (Beck was also popular, that made a small difference).

  “Katrina,” Amy told her in her slightly Scottish accent, “Normally I’d go on Kella’s side, but because of Beck, I’m willing to take yours.”

  “Thanks,” Katrina answered.  She then turned to Kella and Beck and shouted “No I’m not!”

  The other kids were moving faster than them, taking their loud conversations with them.  By now, the lines had already separated.  Katrina wasn’t going to let that blob of fourth graders get to the building before her.  She ran until she got to a steep hill.  She slowed down, like the rest of the kids around her had.  Looking behind her, she saw Amy arguing with Beck and Kella.

  “If you’re so good with worms and dirty bugs and stuff,” Carrie said to Katrina, “Then why don’tcha touch that mud?”

  “Yeah,” Carrie’s twin, Chuck, agreed, “I bet you’re too scared.”  Olive and Maple were standing there, staring.  Katrina looked at Carrie and Chuck, then she turned around and plunged both hands into the reddish brown mud.  The top was watery and soggy, but further down it felt a little gushier, as she and Olive called it.  She yanked her mud covered hands out and showed them to the twins.  Katrina got down and wiped her hands off on the sidewalk.  They were still brown, but she didn’t care.  She had shown them. 

  “I think that’s cow poop,” Victria told her.  Suddenly, Katrina felt slightly hot all over.  That know it all, she thought.  Victria seemed to think she knew everything.

  Ignoring what Victria had just said, she turned around to Kella, Amy, and Beck, who were still arguing, and yelled, “No I’m not!”  Olive and Maple joined her as they ran into the building.

  “Remember how it used to be before we made a chemistry?” Olive asked.

  “Yeah,” Katrina replied, “And remember the Caterpillar Swing?”

  “Haha, yeah that was really fun,” Olive answered.

  “Um, maybe we might wanna talk about something that I was there doing, too?”  Maple demanded.

  Completely ignoring Maple, Olive and Katrina left her standing in the middle of the hallway.  “Serene, Serene, Serene,” she said quietly.  Serene was what Olive and she called Katrina.  Maple quietly walked over to the main hall, where she turned right, then went down the left hallway.  She had never liked Katrina.  She was always getting more attention from Olive.  They had both known him in kindergarten, but somehow Katrina still had more memories.  Amy, Kella, and Beck came up behind her, still arguing.

  “No, she is NOT!  Eeeew, your breath stinks.” Amy yelled in Beck’s face.

  “No, yours does!” Beck snapped.

  “Well, yours stinks more,” Amy shot back. 

  Maple covered her ears and kept walking.  Nobody did that for her.

  “I think we’re kinda gettn’ off task with what we’re arguing about,” Kella told the other two, “So I’d like ta say this: Yes…she…is!”

  “Aaaugh, no she’s not!” Amy shouted at Kella and Beck.

  “Yes sheyis, yes sheyis, yes sheyis!” Kella and Beck said together.

  “Ugh, wouldja guys please stop it?” Maple cried, now on her knees with her ears plugged.  The three of them looked at her.  She got up and walked away, with them behind her.

  “That wasn’t very nice,” Amy told the other two, “Lessjust keep talkin’.  She didn’ even say thanks!”

  “Yeah!” Kella agreed, “I’ll give you a head start.  My voice’s gettn’ tired.”

  “Thanks!” Amy said, delighted, before going back to, “No, she’s not!” 

  They argued down the hallway until they got to the fourth grade classrooms.  Maple, who finally got some peace, was in the classroom across the hall.  The other three were in the same classroom as Katrina.  It was language arts.

  “Well,” the teacher, Mrs. Eleets said, “The only people who put their names on their homework were Beck and Katrina.  Maybe they might be good examples to follow.” 

  The whole class looked at Beck and Katrina, who were both in the back.  Katrina and Beck looked at each other.  Katrina would have been happy if Beck hadn’t done what she did.  Not only were they in competition because they hated each other, but they both wanted to be the best in their school, too.  Fame and recognition weren’t the only things they wanted.  They didn’t know it, but they both had their own dreams to pursue.  They looked around at the rest of the class.  Amy was blushing, and so was Kella.  Between Beck and Katrina was Chuck, who was hiding his head.  They did the same.  They had no idea how strange they looked.  They didn’t care, as long as the class quit staring at them.  Katrina even considered hiding under her chair.  Beck was even worse.  When they finally dared to peek out from behind their arms, almost everyone had quit staring.  Everyone but Amy and Kella.











It's just chapter 1 and I'm still working on it, so...heh heh....

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12:06 pm
I LOVE to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
6:31 pm
Welcome All Readers
Anyone who likes to write or read may join this community. It is an open community where members can post and discuss any form of writing. Authors, novelists, poets, etc are welcome! Those who enjoy writing any kind of material (ie: stories, poems, songs, etc.) can share their work, get helpful hints and more. Help build the community so we can get rolling!

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